Wellness, Massages and Sauna at the Resort – Our goal is your well-being

After eventful days, our guests can relax and be pampered in the stylish ambiance of our small but nicely designed wellness oasis. Enjoy the cleansing hot air of the Finnish sauna or the relaxing warmth in the infrared cabin, here you can recharge your batteries. Our small but nice wellness area with Finnish Sauna, Infrared Sauna, Gym, Yoga mats, Showers, Massage Room and Relax Area boosts your circulation. Leave stress and the everyday worries behind you and enjoy moments of weightlessness while relaxing in our Outdoor Panorama Jacuzzi. After a hot sauna visit and a cool shower, your relaxed body will enjoy the quiet time of recreation in our relax room. Take a freshly laundered fluffy towel and enjoy this warm and cosy isle of tranquility. Clear mountain spring water is served as a perfect thirst quencher. Massage is widely recognized as an effective tool for treating a wide range of body conditions and situations. It is an excellent complement to standard medical treatments with proven benefits for relieving stress, pain, and muscle stiffness. The sunny lawn around our vacation resort is a summer highlight and offers you a beautiful view of the mountain range across the Yukon river valley. Relax on the deckchair and enjoy tranquility. Jumping into the outdoor Jacuzzi refreshes mind and body alike – or just let your feet dangle. This lovely spot radiates vitality and is at the same time the ideal setting for sheer relaxation.

SPA & Massage Procedures during Covid Times!

  • Our outdoor jacuzzi, the gym, the saunas and exercise/yoga area is available to all guests but as we are operating under the new protocols accommodating the request for 6ft of safe distance between guests, space is limited and only guests of one Chalet or families/groups already traveling together are allowed to use the facilities at the same time. Staggered reservations will be in effect, including increased clean-up time between bookings to ensure our enhanced sanitation protocols are being met.

  • We will be limiting available amenities that are high touch for guests. Décor items, beverage and snacks, magazines, brochures etc. will be removed.

  • Massage room and massage treatments are available for guests. There will be no access to change room or lockers, please change already in your Chalet and use the robes provided to walk to the Spa. Bathroom facilities will remain open.

  • We kindly ask that you check for your massage appointment no more than 5 minutes prior to your appointment time to minimize guest contact.

  • We kindly ask guests to show up for their appointment unaccompanied by friends or family, unless they are here to provide medical support.

  • Our team will welcome you upon arrival and navigate you directly to the waiting area or massage room in time for your scheduled appointment.

  • All clients will be subject to a thorough pre-screening questionnaire at the time of booking, and this will be reiterated verbally at check-in prior to your appointment. General health intake forms and pre-screening will be completed with your spa service provider.

  • We require all guests to cancel or reschedule their appointment if they are feeling ill, cancellation fees will be waived in this instance.

  • Staggered massage bookings will be in effect, including increased clean-up time between bookings to ensure our enhanced sanitation protocols are being met and to minimize guest contacts.

  • We request all guests sanitize or wash their hands upon entering the main Lodge and the Spa area. Guests are recommended to use a personal mask when visiting the spa, however it is not mandatory. The use of the mask is mandatory for massage treatments, only. (Please come prepared).

What To Wear And Bring To The Spa

Guests staying in the Resort and Spa are welcome to wear the robe from their room, otherwise a robe and sandals are available at the spa. Our spa therapists use professional draping techniques to ensure your absolute comfort and privacy at all times. Please bring a bathing suit to use the outdoor pool, hot tub, Finnish sauna, infrared sauna. We recommend that jewelry not be worn to the Spa. Please do not bring smart phones, tablets and other electronics to the Spa.

Aromatherapy – Massage

Balances and soothes the body, mind and emotions. You won’t have a care in the world!

Aromatherapy is the art of using oils extracted from aromatic flowers, herbs, spices, woods and fibres to enhance health and beauty.

Duration: 45 min., Rate: $85.00 +5% GST

Dry Brush – Massage

The full body massage is done with a soft natural dry brush or silk gloves and instantly stimulates circulation, exfoliates dead skin cells, stimulates all underlying organs and glands leaving your skin smooth, strengthened and glowing. This treatment is very beneficial on a daily basis or as prevention of varicose or spider veins.

Duration: 25 min., Rate: $40.00 +5% GST

Wellness Vital – Massage

The Wellness-Vital Massage is a pleasant full body massage, with a variety of techniques, reduces tension, soothes sore muscles and helps increases circulation.

Duration: 45 min., Rate: $85.00 +5% GST

Hot Stone – Massage

Stones are fantastic transporters when used in conjunction with essential oils. Penetrating heat radiates deep into muscles to fully release tension, provide pain relief, stress reduction and deep relaxation.

Duration: 60 min., Rate: $120.00 +5% GST

Reflexology Foot Massage

Through pressure point and soothing massage techniques, this treatment soothes, softens, stimulates and relaxes all at the same.

Duration: 25 min., Rate: $50.00 +5% GST

Saunas – Health and Relaxation

A sauna session has many positive effects on mind and body. In the pleasant surroundings of our wellness area, you will feel the stress of daily life disappear as deep relaxation sets in. The warmth of the Finnish sauna stimulates the metabolism and improves the body’s defenses. In winter, regular sauna sessions can prevent pesky colds. The consistent warmth and the different tones of light in the sauna provide for a clearly enhanced sense of well-being. Combined with aroma therapy, a visit to the sauna elevates our mood and makes us forget the worries of the everyday world. A visit to the saunas helps us to breathe deeply and relax. The high humidity benefits the respiratory tract, the muscles are loosened, and tension is relieved.

General information about the Finnish Sauna

Temperature: ca. 80 – 100°C
Humidity: ca. 10 – 20%
Recommended length of session: ca. 8 – 10 min.
The sauna is an ancient “alternating bath” combining hot-dry air and then cooling off in outdoor air and cold water.
Positive effects include skin cleansing, circulation improvement, increased strength, strengthening of the body’s defences against infection, and relaxation of mind and body.
Time: allow yourself sufficient time – a complete sauna experience consists of 3 sessions
Spa necessities: bring your bathrobe and slippers from the cabin, large sauna towel are provided
Cleansing: a basic shower before the first session optimally prepares the body
Warming up: make yourself comfortable – the duration of a session is between 8 and 10 min.
Cooling off: cool off with a body spray or Kneipp hose – start with the feet and hands moving from right to left
Relaxation: a short relaxation break every now and then is relaxing and soothing – make sure you drink plenty of fluids

General information about the infrared cabin

Temperature: ca. 38 – 50°C
Humidity: ca. 30 – 40%
Recommended length of session: ca. 20 – 30 min.
A mild, dry type of spa treatment.
In contrast to the conventional sauna (convection heat), warmth (infrared) is produced by radiation, which has a direct effect on the body. Among the positive effects are mental and physical well-being.
Temperature: 38 – 50°C
Time: allow yourself sufficient time – a complete infrared session lasts ca. 1 hr.
Spa necessities: bring your bathrobe and slippers from the cabin, large sauna towel are provided
Cleansing: a basic shower before the first infrared session optimally prepares your body
Warming up: make yourself comfortable – the duration of a session is between 20 and 30 min.
Relaxation: relax for a few min. after a visit to the infrared cabin
Shower: then take a pleasantly lukewarm shower