To See and Do, Year-Round Guided & Self-Guided Area Tours

Explore some of the local attractions on your own or join us on one of the guided tours below. In summer: Go for a walk or bike ride. In winter: snowshoe or cross-country ski on one of the numerous trails in the area. We provide the maps and descriptions for you and off you go. If you would like to explore the attractions of Whitehorse on your own, we would be happy to arrange the transfers for you.

Whitehorse City & Surrounds Tour

Spend a couple hours with us and you will want to stay….. The ‘Whitehorse Area’ Tour is a fantastic information overload tour of what Whitehorse is all about, where to go in the city and why it might meet your curiosity. We know our history, culture, and stories we want to share with you. We will point out our favourite local culinary delights, watering holes, shopping, arts places and local sightings of Yukoners who of course have a story. We will have time to take pictures, get fresh air and see scenic viewpoints. Our wilderness city awaits you…….

Time: 3.0 – 3.5hr $145.00/person, includes transportation from/to the Resort, 5% GST not included

Carcross / Southern Lakes Tour – Sightseeing & History

The ‘Carcross / Fraser Southern Lakes’ Tour is a great opportunity to escape for a half day and see the reasons why we live and play here. Enjoy a scenic relaxing drive in a photographer’s paradise of diverse landscapes including Yukon mountain countryside landscape, historic cultural village of Carcross, learn about the arrival of the Gold Rush with interesting scenic sites of Lake Bennett, White Pass Railway as well what a Yukon community is all about. Plenty of scenic stops along the way…….

Time: 5.0hr $229.00/person, includes pickup/drop-off at the Resort, 5% GST not included

Yukon Wildlife Preserve Tour – Go Wild!

Great way to spend an afternoon in the country with 15 different northern species in over 600 acres. We will provide an interesting drive thru tour with many stops along the way to hopefully get the close up shot of your favourite critter. Enjoy the wildlife stories and the sounds from the wild and woolly. Light tour chat provided as we enjoy a relaxing 40-45 minute drive from the south country side to the north scenic side of the Whitehorse area.

Time: 3.0 – 3.5hr $169.00/person, includes all transfers, admission and guided bus tour, 5% GST not included

Miles Canyon & Canyon City (summer only) / self-guided, transportation required*

The canyon was created over 8.5 million years ago as a result of lava flows in the valley. Today, the highlights at Miles Canyon include a suspension bridge, the Yukon River, a comprehensive trail system, a historic gold mining town and basalt cliffs coloured in a strange orange lichen. There are opportunities to view riverboat cruises, Yukon rapids, and wildlife. Wildlife sightings may include bears, otters, beavers, cliff swallows and Bald Eagles. Level of Activity: Easy, Approximately 3.5 kilometres (2.1 miles). Takes about two hours.

*Shuttle Service available: one-way fee is $45.00/max. 5 people,  5% GST not included

MacBride Museum of Yukon History / self-guided, transportation required

Centrally located in downtown Whitehorse, MacBride Museum is the best place to start your Yukon adventure. MacBride Museum illustrates the Yukon’s history, with a focus on the role of Whitehorse in the development of the Territory.

*Shuttle Service available: one-way fee is $75.00/max. 5 people,  5% GST not included

Wolf Creek Trail, year-round, self guided, transportation required*

Short, easy trail (elevation gain about 100ft) through the boreal forest with great views of the Yukon River and Grey Mountain area of Whitehorse. The loop is about 3km long, but another 3.5 km can be added to it by hiking the side trail through a forest to a bay on the Yukon river.

*Shuttle Service available: one-way fee is $30.00/max. 5 people,  5% GST not included

Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs – 1/2 day tour including admission

…come for a soak and enjoy the natural water rich in minerals. Have a relaxing dip in 36 – 43 degree Celsius temperatures with clean warm indoor change rooms with covered walkway to the outdoor pool. Swimsuit, flip flops and towel rentals are available for reasonable rates.

Time: 3.0 – 3.5hr $169.00/person, includes all transfers, admission and bus tour, 5% GST not included. You’ll spend 1.5 – 2 hours in the pools.