Forms & Waivers

Due to the present situation and legal atmosphere in Canada, we must insist that each guest staying at Northern Lights Resort & Spa and participating in guided activities and tours such as dog sledding, snowmobiling, ice fishing or similar, be familiar with and agree to the following document. The waiver form will be send to you by weblink and must be completed and submitted prior to any payment of the activity / tour contract and prior to the arrival at the Resort. No one may stay at Northern Lights Resort & SPA and participate in a tour / activity without submitting this document (a separate form is required for each participant).


Please download the waiver form for your information.  A electronic copy of this waiver will be send to you and need to be filled out and signed before the payment for your package / tour booking is due and prior to your arrival at the Resort. This download is provided for your information and to give you an opportunity to be familiar with the contents of the waiver before you sign .


Medical Form

If you are joining us on a guided activity/tour, we encourage you to provide some basic medical information.  Don’t forget the part about food allergies or dietary restrictions, that might be the most important part!