Aurora Glass Chalets

NEW for the 2018-19 winter season!


Northern Lights Resort & Spa is building 3 entirely new extravagantly appointed Aurora Glass Chalets for the 2018-19 winter season. Available from December 1, 2018 on!

The 3 new Aurora Glass Chalets are purposely build with the perfect Aurora viewing in mind but they are intended for year-round use, also and they offer a whole new opportunity to experience the Yukon, the ever-changing nature by bringing it closer than ever. Staying in these unique Chalets, the spectacular landscape of the Yukon presents itself outside the windows every day in a new way. Northern Lights, midnight sun, autumn colours and winter polar night are nearby and you can experience them while enjoying the comforts of the cozy room.

The new Aurora Glass Chalets at the Northern Lights Resort & Spa are a magical way to experience the wintry star-filled sky and the Northern Lights, while lying comfortably in the warm bed. The large floor-to-ceiling wrap-around windows open up into the northern sky, directly in front of the queen size bed.

All of our Aurora Glass Chalets are designed for double occupancy with queen bed, cosy recliner chairs behind the floor to ceiling windows, small kitchenette, ensuite bathroom with tiled walk-in shower. The comfortable in-floor heating system combined with a cozy fireplace keeps the Chalet warm even with the coldest outside temperatures.

Just a few steps away from the Glass Chalets are the Resorts other services, such as reception, spa, lounge, bar and dining room and other catering services. Northern Lights Resort & Spa has also 4 cosy & traditional log cabins but all with the same comfort and amenities as the Glass Chalets.

The new Aurora Glass Chalets can be booked from December 1, 2018 on for all our Aurora Viewing packages. Minimum of 3 nights stay required. For Aurora packages rates please see the descriptions under the Aurora packages link.

The Aurora Glass Chalets can also be booked for Bed & Breakfast accommodation in the summer season 2019 from June to August.