Fall & Winter Season – Special Offer

Return Airfare from Vancouver to Whitehorse

$449 per person

(+ 5% GST)


This special airfare is available only in combination with packages or accommodation bookings offered by Northern Lights Resort & Spa and is valid for travelling between August 1, 2024, to April 4, 2025 (includes one checked baggage and one carry-on bag).

Seat Reservation is available for $25 / per seat/direction.

Terms and Conditions

The total price displayed by Northern Lights Resort & Spa for this special in its advertising includes all airfares for the roundtrip from Vancouver to Whitehorse. All fares are in Canadian dollars. Tickets must be purchased thru Northern Lights Resort & Spa. The fares are valid at the time of transmission and apply to new bookings only. Fares are subject to change without prior notice and for representative information ONLY. This can affect the rate for the package if the original airfare is not available anymore. All taxes, fees, charges and surcharges are subject to change. Fees for optional services—such as itinerary changes, additional baggage, advance seat selection, or certain special service requests—will affect the final applicable cost. Please contact us for details and additional information. Sales are based on availability, and flight restrictions may apply to any promotion regardless of the name, theme, branding, design, or implied applicability. In particular, seats are limited on peak travel days, and may include blackout periods. In addition, availability will vary based on schedule depending upon days of service and route seasonality. Complete fare rules including applicable change fees, cancellation policy, and day-of-week restrictions are displayed on the booking page on Air North, Yukon’s Airline’s booking site or in the itinerary you receive after booking.