Arts at the Resort

“Arts at the Resort” – We are proud to have a fine collection of paintings from local artist RON FORTIN on display in our Resort rooms. Ron is painting Yukon Nature Themes and especially the Northern Lights for us and our guests. Most of the paintings are for sale and we will gladly respond to all inquiries and offers.

Ron Fortin about his passion for painting:

Of our five senses, SEEING is probably the easiest, quickest and broadest way to experience the spectrum of emotions that we humans love to entertain ourselves with.

Since early childhood, I’ve marvelled (and wondered) what is all this and what easier and more amusing way to entertain oneself than to take snapshots of moments that speak louder than others.

Sometimes actual scenes, sometimes pure fantasy, all my paintings are an attempt to manifest my thoughts into the physical realm.

In painting scenes of the Canadian North, where I grew up, simple design, space, cold colours and bold composition are paramount – all this in an atmosphere of freedom – that to me, is the North…..Can you SEE it?!