Aurora Photography

Lights over Yukon – All-Inclusive – Aurora Photo Tour

The Yukon is still a wild land of contrasts and beauty. From the incredible stark beauty of the Tundra to the awe inspiring Northern Lights, it is a jewel in the natural world. Our Photo Tours will inspire and excite you as a photographer and a nature lover. Join us on some truly spectacular journeys into a true wilderness, we have thoughtfully selected scenes and areas to photograph that showcase the majesty and natural beauty of the Yukon for your Yukon Photo Adventures. Nothing else in the sky looks quite like the Northern Lights. The sun and the moon, the stars and the planets are an eternal, regular and predictable part of human life. The Northern Lights, on the other hand, are transient, variable and unpredictable. Here the cosmos parades its electrical and magnetic forces, and produces colours and movements that are unique in nature. The Aurora Borealis must be seen and experienced outdoors, under a still and cold Yukon winter sky. Join us for an unforgettable and exclusive 5 nights / 6 days photography trip to capture spectacular photos of the elusive Northern Lights dancing above the surreal landscape in the wilderness of the Yukon. Please see the Yukon Photo Tours website for more information and rental rates.

Photo Equipment Rental

Luckily capturing the aurora has become a lot easier with todays cameras, that have increasingly better low-light performance. But not everybody has the right equipment or wants to spend a lot of money to buy a higher end DSLR or mirrorless camera with a low light capable wide-angle lens. We have had many guests in the last years coming to our Resort with simple Point-and-Shot cameras or even smartphones only and learned that they were not able to capture the beauty in the night sky they saw. We have learned from this and Northern Lights Resort & Spa is proud to offer high-end prosumer camera equipment rental packages including DSLR cameras, low-light wide-angle zoom lenses, sturdy tripods, spare batteries, remote camera release and we will put your wonderful photos of the Aurora on a memory stick for you to take home. Please see the Photo Equipment Rental page for more information and rental rates.

Aurora Photography Workshop

If you are interested in fine tuning your skills as an Aurora and night sky photographer and learning the fine details of Northern Lights and low-light photography then this Aurora workshop is right for you! You or your small group will have a private 90 minute session in the afternoon that focus on the right equipment, composition, proper infinity focus, aperture and exposure time, white balance settings and all of the other fine details that are required to capture stunning images of the Northern Lights, the stars, planets and the Milky Way. In the evening and after the sky is dark, we will practice what we have learned in a field session. The next morning we will review the shots from the night and we will also include a short Adobe Lightroom training session that is sure to help you create the best images and prints possible and we will give you a small booklet with all the necessary information and details to read up later.

What equipment do you need to bring: a DSLR Camera (I recommend bringing extra batteries); a Wide Angle Lens, relatively fast (maximum aperture 4 but 2.8 or lower is the ideal); Sturdy Tripod; Cable Release and Headlamp (must include a red light). Camera equipment can also be rented with us for a discounted rate for the workshop use (please ask for a quote).

Please see the Aurora Photography Workshop page for more information and rates.